How life has changed!

Hasn't the past 2 years been crazy! It's made so many of us re-evaluate things hasn't it.

Whether it's been in your home, your personal life or your business it's been a time to have a think about things differently. 

Starting out 10 years ago with 80 sets of cutlery who knew where that would lead. In 2011 my dream of having a warehouse filled with items that brides and grooms would come and look around and hire for their wedding was where I thought I was going but things change. Wedding and event planning took precedence alongside the range of white and vintage crockery until Covid hit.

The crockery, glassware and extras had slowly taken over our house and lives so this year I was very happy to sell it! It's gone to a lovely new home and wedding venue where it will be loved and used all the time! This means I am free to do more of what I want to do. 
The past year has given me the time and flexibility to try new things, to write more, to life me live differently. I've taken on more work yet managed to spend more time with my family and that's been the main reason for changing my line of business slowly and steadily.

Being a wedding planner means I'm organised! I'm also loud, approachable and passionate. I'm an expert in planning, writing, motivation, problem solving and research. When looking at a wedding/event then I look at the nitty gritty; how the location will work, a full timeline for the week prior- not just the day, details about the couple/host, who is attending, what could go wrong, what will go wrong, how things could change, anything that could make the plan change!
So my plan changed, it was, is, a good change. I am incredible passionate about helping others and with so many small businesses popping up along with businesses that have been here for years struggling it gives me the perfect opportunity to use my skills to help others.

Sure to Surprise You has become just this. Organising, planning, motivation and writing in one place. To be completely honest it makes sense. Organising an event or wedding is made up of the following formula: bespoke research on the couple/client, a full and colourful spreadsheet of timings and instructions, planning the days structure and then completing the day with passion and with very happy clients and all tied up with helpful emails and suggestions whilst being at the end of the phone when needed. Writing, giving advice, helping people become organised, taking things of business owners hands and creating content has pretty much the same formula: bespoke research on the client and what they need, a full and colourful spreadsheet of timings, planning and writing the content, blog, website, e-book that is needed and then completing the job with passion and with very happy clients. It's a match made in heaven...oh and I get to do it all from my lovely home in Cumbria! With this view who could blame me for staying close to home!




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