To hire or to buy?

You're engaged - Congratulations!!!

Now that the excitement has worn off a little it is time to start planning the biggest celebration of your life! The dress, the venue, the food, the decorations, the guests, the stationary, the transport, the flowers... the list is endless when deciding what you need and don't need for your big day. Not only does your list mount up but so does the cost. Your budget has suddenly been blown out of the water and you haven't even bought anything yet!

Although I am an event planner by 'trade' and 'name' I like to think that I can offer more than just advice to the happy couple. After speaking to brides and grooms all day for a couple of months I soon realised that I could not only save them money and time by planning their day but I could also provide them with many items as well.

To hire or to buy seems to be on everyone's lips at the moment. In the current climate people don't have 'extra' money to go out and buy 20 water jugs, 30 metres of bunting, 40 kilner jars for favour sweet or 100 candle holders, and even if they did what are they going to do with them all after the wedding?! Not only do you have to hunt for the items you need, you then have to fork over your hard earned cash you then have to find something to do with all the items after the selling it is then?! There is the likelihood here that you could actually spend more money then you make. With costs for putting the items on a website or in a newspaper, the postage costs, and the time taken to advertise all your items when you should be enjoying your time as husband and wife would it not be easier to hire?

Not only does Sure to Surprise You hire vintage crockery but we also hire pretty much anything you need! Glass Candle Holders, Jam Jars for candles, flowers or sweets, burshed metal baskets in a varitey of shapes and sizes, lace doilies, Champage Saucers, Heart-shaped notice board, Vases...pretty much anything you would need! We can even source items for you and hire them to you! And to top it off if we can't hire it to you we will find someone for you that can!

The question isn't To hire or to buy?...The real question should be: Why buy when you can hire?


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