New Starts!

So today I have sat and altered websites, social media and blogs to ensure they all look and feel the same. Looking back on this blog that I created 6 years ago and realising that time certainly does fly.
I remember doing the events that I talk about like they were yesterday.

In the time of writing 6 years ago I had just had my first child...Will is 7 in 3 weeks!! Sophie came along in 2015 and is now a strong willed 4 year old...going on 14! Isn't it funny how different we all are. I remember Will being a very quiet 4 year old who loved learning but in his own way - never one without a bit of paper and a pencil. Sophie on the other hand knows her own mind, is keen to plod on and learn when she is needed to but would also be happy playing with dolls and Lego! No doubt that will all change when she heads to school in September.

Of course, this is if they go back to school as we are currently coming out of Lockdown. Pubs, shops and restaurants opened yesterday and welcomed people through with open a safe distance and these arms clearly didn't meet around you in the usual way, but the warmth was felt throughout England.

Living in the Lake District means living in the centre of tourism and hospitality. Most of our lives rely on tourists coming into the area whether it is for a staycation or from further afield. Lockdown has hit Cumbria hard but we will stand stronger and carry on.

Last year I began 2 new businesses.  Both spreading my love of Cumbria and my need to get more
locals using, shopping, travelling, staying and spending their money within Cumbria. It is filled with award winning attractions, museums, restaurants, cafes, hotels, b&b's plus the views! Why are we not using what is on our doorstep? Eye on Cumbria is for locals (although of course tourists can take a peak at the secrets we hold to!). It boasts about the people that live here, the events we hold, the places to stay, the hills to walk and so much more.

Eye on Cumbria Weddings and Events is all things Cumbrian Weddings and Events. Venues, suppliers, photographers, and gives you hints and tips, planning ideas and tells you about all the latest wedding fairs that might help you. Cumbria and The Lake District has thousands of people getting married here every month and all of these people have different needs and wants, but Cumbria has something for everyone!

Lockdown has brought to the forefront what we need in our lives and what we don't. Writing and creating that bucket list, fulfilling our dreams, or just working out what is important to us. Do we need that second car, that holiday abroad or is what we need right in front of us?

My new start is ME! Me, using my abilities, my strengths, my weaknesses and achieving the goals that I am setting out for myself. 2020 might already be in it's 7th month but it isn't over yet. We still have plenty of time to live the way we want, do the things we want and have a new start.

So here is a new start to you all!


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