Continuing on from our 'Hiring rather than Buying' theme I wanted to show you come of our glassware. 

Although here at Sure to Surprise You we have a large range of stunning Vintage Crockery that's not all we do! Along with our hiring theme we have quickly expanded into many other aspects - one of which being our range of assorted Glassware. Having a very assorted range is great as we can do a lot with it so below are just some of our ideas. You don't have to use our ideas instead you could just hire the glassware and do whatever you want with it!

Sweet Treat Table
Sweet tables don't simply have to be fizzy cola bottles and fried eggs - they can be a thing of beauty. Your candy bar can be a focal point for your wedding, it can match your colour scheme, mirror your personalities and really put a smile on your guests faces. 

Tie you bonbon jars with ribbon, fill the glass jars with anything you like - it doesn't have to be retro sweets. We have been doing many sweet tables incorporated with trays of cupcakes, home-made shortbread and fresh fruit - making there something for everyone to enjoy during the day.
Guests can go up to the table and pick what they want to have with their coffee at the end of your meal or indeed to have for dessert.

The doilies underneath the bonbon jars would be perfect for your vintage theme and add a little colour to a white linen cloth.

Vintage Glassware
We also have a small selection of vintage glassware. Many of this range is in differing colours which really shows the cut glass in all it's glory. Pink's, Green's and of course the plain cut glass are perfect to go with the most popular colour scheme of 2012 - Sage Green. We hired them out in June for one of our lovely bride and grooms to fill with Fresh Strawberries and dot about their country themed teepee wedding.
Here's what they said: 

*** "The colourful cut glass really helped create the mood we wanted! I had been looking for some for ages as I knew it would match our vintage/country theme and was so pleased to have found you - alongside the vintage crockery and the twinkling candles in your mixed jam jars the whole day and night was just amazing - just how I wanted it to be. Amy - thanks so much! xx" ***

We also have cut glass candlesticks, jam bowls, cream and milk jugs - everything you need! For a romantic and elegant wedding (or...well any function really!) why not use this gorgeous cut glass to bring that finishing touch to your event? With crisp white linen table cloths topped with a square stunning black cloth really will make your event classy and elegant. Oh did I mention we do these fabulous black cloths?! 

This stunning little cut glass crystal bowl is my favourite - it has 3 little feet and is just...well perfect!?

Centre Piece Delights
Although I do love flowers there are so many other options for your table centre pieces. Using our glassware means you can bring a bit of your personality to your tables in other ways. We have fish bowls, tall tulip vases, tall vases, small square glass, large brandy glass, long slightly flatter glassware - each of them could bring something different to each table. 
Filled with cactus, candles, coloured sand, sweets, floating candles and small flower heads, or perhaps even games or something for people to do at their table. There are just so many options that the world is your oyster! It also means you may even save a few pennies?!

Pop on by to and take a look at what else we have to offer! All of our services are bespoke from wedding planning to hiring so drop me an email and I can always see what I can do for your function.


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