Vintage is Back!

Vintage is now not a thing of the past and has flown full force into the present. Whether it is some stunning china with tiered cake stands showing off all your afternoon tea goodies, a simple collection of items that you like to look at in your home, a handbag that adds to that special outfit or a champagne saucer that makes you feel like a movie star...Vintage is back!

The photo above is of some of our vintage teacups and saucers at a wedding in Windermere, Cumbria that we had the pleasure of being part of last year. You may not be able to plan for the perfect weather on your wedding day but what you can do is ensure you get the perfect finishing touches! Our stunning vintage crockery for hire in Cumbria and the surrounding areas doesn't have to be used for a full vintage themed affair. Although our cake stands look lovely with an savoury and sweet goodies for an afternoon tea you could use them for a dessert table filled with mini-cheesecakes, macaroons, cupcakes, lemon tarts - anything that takes your fancy.

Why not hire our cups and saucers and fill them with flowers for your centrepieces or use them for there tea and coffee purpose at the end of your meal?!

We have some lovely vintage style champagne saucers that will make you and your guests feel a little like Marilyn Monroe as you sip your champagne - also perfect for champagne cocktails! There's always room for bubbles?!

Vintage really is back so why not make the most of it and add those extra finishing touches to your day? We will even come and set everything up for you!

Happy Hiring!

Sure to Surprise You xx


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