Wednesday, 8 October 2014


What a whirlwind 2014 has been! No sooner was I taking my Christmas Tree down in January and now it is almost time to put it back up! How can it be October already...?

This year has been our busiest yet with over 40 Wedding and Events plus another 6 to go. It seems to have flown by and we have had a wonderful time planning and creating spaces for our brides and grooms and hiring crockery to lots of local caterers and businesses across The Lake District. Our stock seems to have flourished with new items added like our rustic log centrepieces, easels, more chalkboards, milk churns and plenty of pearls and lace.

I am now planning weddings for 2015 and already excited about each and every one. I love that every wedding is different, even if you hire similar items it always has a personal touch and shows the bride and grooms personal taste.

Planning weddings and hiring an array of items means that it is not easy to sit down and write a blog so my posts are a little few and far between but hopefully this winter will give me the chance to keep up-to-date with the goings on at Sure to Surprise You!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Hostess with the Mostess!

It's not just weddings that take time to plan and arrange!

A special birthday can also need a lot of time and effort put into it - venue, food, drinks, invitations, decorations, tableware, setting everything up (whilst you get dressed?!) and that's all before the party! Once the party is under way guests all have different needs - some just fancy a cup of tea, one spills wine on your floor, the buffet runs out of crisps and then there is the big clean up afterwards - doing the dishes, tidying the venue. It all amounts to a lot of work and why do it when someone else can!?

You don't want to spend your night running after all your guests and not having time to enjoy the party cause you have spent your time in the kitchen. With my hostess services you don't have to! Simply sit back, relax and enjoy your night whilst I keep and eye on everything for you. From topping up your guests drinks, making them cups of tea, checking on your buffet to make sure nothing is running out. Whilst you get ready I can I can set-up your drinks and buffet tables, decorate the room for you and all you need to do is arrive to a glass of bubbles and await your friends. I can meet and greet your guests with a glass of bubbles or help them get what they want whilst you mingle and chat!

Sure to Surprise You's hostess services are bespoke! We take each event into account and give you a quote for exactly what you want. We work throughout Cumbria whether it be a party in your own home, in a village hall, or a function suite - wherever you are having it we don't mind!

We will even wash the dishes and put them away for you - or you can hire them from us and not even lift a finger!

Not to toot my own horn but it is always good to see what other people have to say - so here are some of our customers thoughts?!

'Thanks so much for your help at Mike's birthday in Windermere - it was truly a fabulous night and having you around was a great help. It was very relaxing not having to worry about the guests eating and drinking or topping up their glasses. Everyone commented on your ease to be in the background but know what was happening - how did you do it?! A great night was had by all - thanks again...see you next year?!'

'After telling Amy our budget she was able to come up with some lovely decor ideas for my 70th birthday party! There were a lot of 'ooh's and aah's' when people entered the room and even on a tight budget it still looked magical - simple, creative and a must for every party'